Rejections. An editor’s perspective

Rejections. An editor’s perspective

Some editors say that is not worth it to give personal rejections. Of course if you reply to a submission with the words like “your ending needs work,” that would open a rat’s nest of arguments and maybe give the writer false expectations.

But that’s how one editor replied to me: Finally heard back about XYZ, and I have to unfortunately say no. I have to say, I always enjoy reading these interesting, beguiling stories of yours, and I’ll look forward to doing so again in the new year and sharing with the others.

Granted, not everyone has time to write such a wonderful rejection.

That’s what I do only to the stories I like but can’t take:

I wish we can take all the stories as good as yours, but we must be very selective. We take less than 2%.

It’s still a form. it doesn’t take me extra time, but shows my apprecition of a good story. No one one would argue with that.

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