The Shape-Shifter’s Guide to Time Travel

Dear friends, colleagues, and fans (I know I have friends and colleagues, but I hope I have fans as well),

I am writing with news of the launch in March of 2020 of my first YA novel, The Shape-Shifter’s Guide to Time Travel.

In the country of Temnota, a captured rebel leader is sentenced to death. An 18-year-old Gavrilo, a shape-shifter, and his friend Rose, an American time traveler, go back in time to find a way to free her. They face Senior Major of the country’s Secret Service, the evil king of all shifters.

The publisher is Black Rose Writing.

So far, the novel is getting excellent reviews. For example: 

  • “In THE SHAPE-SHIFTER’S GUIDE TO TIME TRAVEL, Mark Budman serves up a quirky and entertaining tale liberally seasoned with humor. Join Gavrilo and Rose in their shape-shifting, time-traveling adventures and misadventures for a good read with a rousing conclusion and the promise of further adventures to come.” 

    –Bruce Boston, Bram Stoker Award author of Dark Matters

If you know of anyone who would be interested in reviewing or blurbing this book, please let me know at Either I or my publisher will supply you with a digital copy.

If you can’t review it yourself, perhaps The Shape-Shifter’s Guide to Time Travel will find a place on your book shelf.

With thanks for your gracious support

-Mark Budman

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