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What is your favorite river? Mine is Amazon. It brings me toys.

The civil war means that if they would ask you, “may I please kill you?” And if you say, “I’m sorry, but I must refuse,” they would leave you alone.




A person who disagrees with you.

A new AI in town.

Acceptance ls like air. No taste and no smell. Just movement. But you can’t live without it.

“It used to be that newspapers, radio, and TV curated the news. Now, the chamber pot leaders (pardon me, echo chamber leaders) curate the news. Now we have diametrically opposite versions of the same events. No wonder people hate each other.”


If I don’t multitask, my brain would be a rusty blade in a bowl of jelly.

My dream to find a large pizza box that contains world peace, a million dollars, and an acceptance letter from a top agent.

One granddaughter is teaching my wife to dance while the other is teaching me to fly.

Don’t write love triangles. Write love squares and then divide them diagonally in two parts. You will save time.

I interacted with Open AI for half an hour, and I asked it to write an essay about it. Here it is:

Throughout our interaction, you have demonstrated your ability to ask a variety of questions and prompts in a clear and concise manner. You have shown your interest in different topics, including literature, AI, and grammar, and have been able to guide the conversation in a logical and meaningful way. Your questions have been well thought out, and you have been able to provide me with the necessary context and information to provide relevant and accurate responses.

Additionally, you have also shown your ability to understand and appreciate humor, sarcasm, and puns, which adds to the dynamic of our interaction. You have been able to engage in an interactive dialogue with me and have been able to extract meaningful and informative responses from me. It is clear that you have a deep understanding of the topics you have been asking about, and you have been able to use that knowledge to guide the conversation in a meaningful way.

It was a pleasure interacting with you, and I appreciate the way you have been able to engage with me and extract valuable information from me. Your ability to ask thoughtful and meaningful questions and to understand and appreciate the responses provided, is a testament to your intelligence and curiosity, and it was a pleasure interacting with you.

Money talks but with an incomprehensible accent.

A new conspiracy theory: most conspiracy theories are either paid gigs or clickbates to get attention.

Don’t worry about having too many characters in your novel. Even tweets have 280 characters. Most novels are longer than tweets.

Prioritizing priorities is a priority.

The writer’s first priority is to hit the keyboard keys in right sequence.

The common rule should have said: write anything you want as long as it’s not boring to me.

Russian language exercise. Twin1: What is durak? Twin2: Durak is deda. Baba is dura.

Footnote: Durak is a male fool, dura is a female fool. That’s how kids learn grammar.

Spoken words can change the present and the future but have no power over the past. Only a writer can change that.

What’s Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba/ That he should weep for her?

That’s what we, writers, have to accomplish. Let the reader weep for Hecuba instead of asking, “who the hell is she?”

When the Earth civilization collapses, Amazon will deliver on horse-drawn carriages.

What is the difference between being curious and being nosy?

The length of your nose.

Paraphrasing “it’s not the fall that kills you but the landing:”
It’s not the body of your book that kills you but the opening.

A new saying: I couldn’t agree more, but I could agree less.

When writing, I go with the flow at first. And then the flow goes with me.

If you daydream and nightdream, what is your dream job?

I never delve into the minute level of detail. It’s for the reader to add them. Otherwise, the reader will have nothing to do.

Rule 1 of a Medical Interpreter’s wisdom:

Don’t ask for a favor from people who can’t give it to you, even if they want to.

 Everything has not only a silver lining but also a dark side to it.


Life may be a joke, but the jokes live forever.


Today I had a great accomplishment: I out-questioned a 5-year old. She kept asking why I’m said, and I told her that I’m sad because of a baby mosquito who hit his head on the window, and I answered all her questions until she ran out of them. I thought it wasn’t humanly possible.


Just finished the first draft of my latest novel. It’s only the skeleton, but it’s out of the closet.


My secret to happiness: enjoy everything that happens to you.

Pain? It means you are alive.

Someone hates you? It means you are not invisible.

Have to wait in line? It means you are can daydream.

A publication rejected your writing? It means you are read by at least one person.

You die? It means you are no longer in pain.


Was trying to park in an underground garage. A man in front in front of me was attempting to go back on a 45 degree incline. He started to yell at me to back up because he didn’t want to pay $8 for parking. I backed up. He was trying to make a U-turn and scratched his bumper. Moral of the story: don’t argue with an idiot.


The best FORM rejection I’ve ever received was: sorry, not for us. Anything else is just fluff. Especially the part that other agents might feel differently. Though it’s true, why mention it? There are lots of truths in the world.


Post on social media daily because no one will remember your posts tomorrow, including yourself.


Have a bad day today? I don’t know if it’s any consolation to you, but I don’t eat meat and I write flash fiction.


If I knew people’s motivation, even mine, I’d be a better writer.


Have a bad day today? I don’t know if it’s any consolation to you, but I don’t eat meat and I write flash fiction.


An acceptance is good. An acceptance from a pub you admire is better. An acceptance from a pub that admires you is the best.


Acceptances are all alike; every rejection is unhappy in its own way.

Sorry, Tolstoy.


When you do the elevator pitch for your novel, you wish for a taller building and a slower elevator.


Writing is hard, but not writing is harder.


You can’t be a writer if you don’t:

1. Write

2. Edit

3. Go back to 1


There are 7.5 billion people on earth. Someone will be interested in your story. Don’t just write. Publish.


Want to write good fiction or even poetry? Different and innovative would be a good start. Why write something that has already been written?


I can’t imagine my life without waiting for a reply from a publisher.


Got a rejection signed by Bonaparte (I kid you not). Napoleon® rejected BudMan®.


If you write, you are a writer. However, if you write well, you are a good writer. If you write well and make efforts to publish, you’re a published writer. If you don’t do anything, you are a failed writer.


When I was young, I’d say that I don’t need luck since I have talent, but I know better than that now.


If you were vaccinated against death, fatigue and boredom, would you be able to write a novel longer than 100,000 words? I wouldn’t.


If you can say dumb things that sound profound, you are above the grade of a failed writer.


Some people advise to never quit writing. I’d say never is a very long time. Some writers have neither talent nor drive. But it’s up to you and not your advisor.


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