Lives and Deaths of Vladimir Lenin

This book will be published by NAT 1 LLC in 2025.

Here is the synopsis:

After sulking quietly for a hundred years inside a glass coffin within his Red Square Mausoleum, Lenin, the first leader of the Soviet Union, comes back to life. Dr. Litvinova, a medical researcher, madly in love with Lenin’s image, hopes it’s the work of her resurrection serum.

Lenin’s reappearance is like an explosion of a supernova in the Sun’s backyard. All the wars and movie marathons stop, religious zealots proclaim the end of the world, and conspiracy theories crash even the fiber optic broadband. Lenin quickly realizes he has no future in Putin’s Russia, so he tries his luck in America and runs for POTUS. Bald and bold, he claims his goal is to give power to the workers and peasants but in truth he wants to be the world’s greatest bigwig. Either that or he would die again. At first, few take Lenin seriously except for Dr. Litvinova and a handful of admirers but he quickly becomes a rising star thanks to his novelty, reputation, and maverick status. His supporters produce a fake US birth certificate allowing him to take this post. Dr. Litvinova, scorned by Lenin, buys a gun.

This is a cover mockup.