The Armor Thieves

A 66,000 words upmarket novel, completed.

Andrey, a recent Harvard graduate, returns home from Boston, and now feels like an immigrant in his own country. Together with his childhood friend Vesna, a genius inventor of a laser weapon, he is trying to help the rebels overthrow the country’s vicious and oppressive Troika rulers. The Troika’s army is winning, and the rebels need something powerful to defend themselves. Andrey and Vesna find The Ancient Armor, which used to belong to a medieval queen. This Armor, impenetrable to any modern weapons, is stored in a restricted government facility. Only Andrey’s DNA can make the Armor work.

Now they must find a way to steal, replicate and deliver the Armor to the rebels, overcoming many obstacles including Andrey’s brilliant but evil sister, a counter-rebel officer, with the same DNA key.

This tale of civil war, oppressive regimes, technology, betrayal and romance will appeal to readers of the The Pariahs by Erik Hofstatter, The Cloud Sketcher by Richard Rayner, Little Brother by Cory Doctorow and A Hand Full of Stars by Rafik Schami.