The Armor Thieves of Berengaria

Looking for an agent for this upmarket novel.

What would you do if you discovered that the semi-mythical armor that once belonged to an ancient queen not only existed, but was tuned to work with your DNA? That the only thing you need to help the valiant rebels save your country from its vicious ruling Troika is to steal this armor from a closely-guarded government mansion?

Fortunately, Andrey, an immigrant in his own country, a recent Harvard engineering graduate and the DNA’s rightful owner, can enlist the help of his childhood friend Vesna, a laser weapons scientist and overall genius.

Unfortunately, in addition to the powers of the state, Andrey’s sister, a counter-rebel officer—who shares his DNA—is blocking their way.

I’d like to offer you The Armor Thieves of Berengaria, a 66,000-word upmarket novel that would appeal to both science fiction and literary fiction readers, as well as lovers of romance. 

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