Star Wars episode VII

Watched Star Wars episode VII on Netflix. They should stop making more of those. They are getting worse and worse and are giving the franchise a bad name. Adam Driver is awful as Kylo Ren and everyone else is just plain bad. The original actors are past their prime and the young ones’ jokes are stale. “I can’t hear you through this mask” (Poe Dameron to Kylo Ren). BTW, why does Mr. Ren wear a mask? To look cool? And the stormtroopers. What is the point of their armor? It’s as easy to penetrate it as a Hollywood cardboard prop.

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  1. This question, why does Kylo Ren wear a mask has cropped up . . . the replies in these forums take on a general murmuring, touching on hero worship issues related to the character and the preceding generation (you could hear what the old ones were saying through their masks). I can only wonder if it is purposefully stupid, reflective of this young turk, like my son as a teen, wearing his underwear over his shirt, a hat on sideways. I dunno, the whole thing is worrisome; these ongoing episodes are still “what the fans want?” The real fans are older now, with pot bellies and remote controls embedded in their skeletal structure, bags of Doritos having replaced their stomach linings. The world is cheaper and perhaps more easily pleased.

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